Louisiana Clerks’ Remote Access Authority (LCRAA)

Pursuant to La. R.S. 13:754 as amended by Act No.  202 of the 2018 Regular Legislative Session, all clerks of court must participate in LCRAA and collect the authorized $5 per recording fee. The fee is charged once per instrument regardless of the number of book classifications a document receives.

LCRAA was established in 2014 as a bold initiative of the La. Clerks of Court Assn. to provide the public with access to all La. clerks of court indices. The system is free and open to the public and currently includes most parishes' mortgage and conveyance (recording) data and many parishes' civil reocrds and marriage license data. Users are directed to individual clerks’ web sites for premium access to images. The system is helpful to users who wish to search records in multiple parishes without the need to visit individual courthouses or web sites (until an image, or copy thereof, is desired).

Plaquemines Parish data available for research via LCRAA are conveyance indices from the formation of the parish to present; mortgage indices from 1900 to present; and marriage license indices from the late 1880s to present.

The LCRAA fee assists clerks of court to acquire  and maintain technology infrastructure needed for back-imaging records, data preservation, and e-recording and e-filing initiatives. For more information about LCRAA, and to sign up for a FREE account, visit www.eClerksLa.com