The clerk of court is pleased to offer e-Filing services for civil and criminal pleadings. Established in 2019, e-filing is a convenient, quick, and easy method to file any document.

  • Voluntary (not mandated as in the federal court system)
  • No additional fee to the clerk for e-Filing (fax-filing costs $5 in addition to other charges)
  • No follow-up with original document
  • e-Filer must agree to terms of use
  • Real-time acceptance, image display, and e-mail notification
  • Research and development performed without tax dollars
  • Filings may be submitted 24/7/365, and documents are considered filed as of the date of the submission to the clerk.
  • Filers pay a nominal fee to Tyler Technologies, the third-party vendor for the Louisiana clerks of court.
  • The clerk will issue checks for service from the funds on advance deposit - filer need not send checks