25 Judicial District Court

The Plaquemines Parish Clerk of Court serves as clerk for Louisiana’s 25th Judicial District Court, whose jurisdiction comprises the entire parish, and only Plaquemines Parish. The court has two divisions, whose judges and district attorney are elected to concurrent six-year terms.

The court’s civil law responsibilities include probate matters, domestic disputes, torts, home foreclosures and other real estate issues, workers’ compensation claims, interdictions, evictions, etc. Its criminal jurisdiction applies to felony charges, misdemeanors, and traffic, DWI, and wildlife violations. Matters arising out of the 25th JDC may be appealed to Louisiana’s Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal.

In recent years, the clerk of court has implemented paperless processes: digital imaging and preservation of records, electronic filing, and electronic judicial signatures, among other technology advancements. The clerk of court no longer maintains paper case folders and plans to back-image civil and criminal records. The paperless processes have enhanced productivity and reduced errors, providing for a more efficient operation. As well, the initiatives have enhanced the public’s access to court, parish, and other public records, which are now immune to theft, manipulation, fire, flood, or any other natural disaster.

To pay for additional additional advanced costs (civil), criminal searches, or copies with credit card via e-mail, complete this Service Request/Credit Card Authorization Form and e-mail to: info@clerk25th.com.

Division B's Standing Order for Civil Cases, Re: Video Conferences:  Division B Standing Order for Civil Cases Re Video Conferences 02_18_2022

For Rules applicable to the 25th Judicial District Court, consult the Louisiana Supreme Court’s web site: http://www.lasc.org/rules/dist.ct/TITLEIV.ASP