Recording Fee Schedule  
  Effective May 1, 2009 (LA RS13:844)  
  10 Pages or less - $30.00/first page & $10.00/each subsequent page(s) (includes $5.00 Clerk Portal Fee)  
11 Pages or more - $30.00/first page & $8.00/each subsequent page(s)(includes $5.00 Clerk Portal Fee)

Indexing (To be added to the cost of all documents)

$5.00/per name after 1st name (no charge for 1st name)


Miscellaneous (to be added to recording costs whenever applicable)

Cancellations - Original note (includes Cancellation Certificate) $15.00
Each additional cancellation (MOB/FOLIO) $5.00 each
Affidavit - one page (included one cancellation) $30.00
Each additional page $10.00
Each additional cancellation $5.00
Certified Copies   $5.00
Certificate of Recordation/Cancellation $5.00
Conformed Copies $2.00
Marginal Notations $5.00
Louisiana Clerks Remote Access Authority Fee (LCRAA) - $5.00
per conveyance or mortgage instrument (LA Act No. 826, effective 9/1/14)



Xerox Copies $1.00


Mortgage Certificates and Lien & Privilege Certificates

First name  $20.00
Each additional name  $10.00
Each additional tract  $10.00
(Husband & wife with maiden name are considered 3 names)
Contract and acceptance recordation required on L & P certificate request

General Mortgage Certificates $20.00 per name  
Mortgage Certificate Redates $10.00 (within 60 days of original certificates)    

UCC Filing Fees

UCC1 - One debtor (fees reflect a $5.00 prepaid termination fee)

Financing Statement $30.00
Financing Statement with Assignment $35.00
Financing Statement relative to "as extracted collateral" or fixture filing $40.00
Financing Statement (Transmitting Utility) $205.00
Financing Statement (Public Finance Transaction) $105.00
Attachments $2.00 each
Additional Debtor Names $10.00 each
Non-standard Form Fee $15.00

UCC3 - One Debtor

Amendment $25.00
Continuation $25.00
Assignment $25.00
Debtor Correction $25.00
Master Assignment/Amendment $5.00 per financing statement
Termination ($5.00 per debtor name paid at time of original filing): N/A
Additional Debtors named on Original $5.00 each

UCC11 Search

UCC Certificate (per debtor name) $30.00
(Additional $1.00 for each listing more than ten)
Copies of Documents $2.00 per page
Certification of Copies $5.00


Central Registry Filings (UCC1-F and UCC3-F)

UCC and Crop Filing $35*
Crop Filing Only $20*
Amendments, Continuations, Assignments $20*
*These are flat fees. No additional charges are assessed for additional debtors and/or attachments.


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