Bonds: Property/Forfeiture  

a defendant or a secured personal surety, pursuant to la. code of criminal Procedure Article 312, may establish a legal mortgage over immovable property in favor of the state of Louisiana or the proper political subdivision to secure a bail obligation. 

The primary steps associated with securing a property bond in accordance to La. Code of Criminal Procedure Article 319 are as follows:

1.          Obtain a Property Assessment Certificate from the Assessor's Office located at 106 G Street Belle Chasse, LA 70037.

          *          The property must be assessed in the parish the property is located.

2.          Purchase a Mortgage Certificate from the Clerk of Court's office located in the Plaquemines Parish Government Annex Building at 301 Main Street, Suite 108, Belle Chasse, LA 70037. There is a $20.00 fee plus $10.00 for each additional name (cash or money order only-payable to the Clerk of Court).

*          The mortgage certificate must be from the Clerk of Court's Office in which the property is located.

3.          Take the collected certificates to the Plaquemines Parish Detention Center, 16801 Hwy 15, Davant, (on the eastbank of the river) to get the bond prepared.  There is a $30 fee for each bond.  Cash or money order.

*          You must have the original certificates from the Assessor's Office and Clerk of Court.

*          The individual who owns the property must be present and identified by a government-issued photo identification card.

*          The assessed value of the property is multiplied by 10.

*          All encumbrances (mortgages, judgment, liens) are subtracted from the total assessed value.

*          The final value must be at least the amount of the bond(s).

4.             Obtain the. signature oi: the incarcerated person on the prepared Bond Form.

5.         Take the Collected Certificates, the prepared Bond Form and Notice of Property Bond Form to a 25'" Judicial District Court Judge to have them approve and sign it.

6.          Take the signed, prepared Notice of Property Bond Form back to the Clerk of Court's Office in the Plaquemines Parish Government Annex Building at 301 Main Street Belle Chasse, LA 70037 to be recorded if the property is in Plaquemines.  There is a $105 cash or money order only-payable to the Clerk of Court per bond.

*          The Notice of Property Bond Form must be recorded in the parish where the property is located.

7.       After the Notice of Property Bond Form is recorded by the Clerk of Court, take the recorded copy of the Notice of Property Bond Form, the Collected Certificates, and the prepared bond form back to the Plaquemines Parish Detention Center in Davant, LA.  The incarcerated person will be served a court date notice and released after processing.


Once released make sure the incarcerated person appears before the court on the assigned date and any future dates.


                Summary of Property Bond Steps

                1.  Assessor        (parish where property is)

                2.  Clerk              (parish where property is)              

   3.  Jail                   Davant

                4.  Judge              Belle Chasse

                5.  Clerk              (parish where property is)

                6.  Jail                 Davant

Download General Instructions for Securing a Property Bond

Download General Instructions for Cancelling a Recorded Property Bond

Download Motion & Order to Cancel Property Bond

Download Request to Cancel Judgment of Bond Forfeiture

Download Instruction for Cancelling Judgment of Bond Forfeiture


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