Plaquemines Parish Marriage License Requirements

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UPDATED - 08/28/2017 as per R.S. 221-228, CCP 74.31 of Act 419 (2017)

Based on ruling in Vo vs. Gee, U.S.D.C. Eastern District of Louisiana No. 16-15639

General Information

ü  A marriage license may be issued in any parish, regardless of where ceremony is to be performed or the parties reside, and must be used in Louisiana.

ü  Only one party needs to be present to apply but must have all information and documents required.

ü  License must be purchased at least 24 hours before ceremony and expires 30 days after issuance

ü  Cost is $30.00 which includes one certified copy.


Information Required for Application

ü  Full name, residence, race, and age of each party

ü  Parents’ names and birth places

ü  Number of former marriages of each party, date ended, and whether divorced or not

ü  Each party’s social security number or a statement by the applicable party that no social security number has been issued to him. 


Documentation Needed for License

ü  Valid and unexpired driver’s license or government-issued ID of the applicant

ü  Certified copy of each party’s birth certificate

·         Louisiana born: Certified full or short form certificate; OR

·         Born outside Louisiana:  Copy of birth certificate under raised seal of vital statistics in place of birth; OR

·         Born outside US: Original birth certificate. (If birth certificate is not in English, party must also provide a translated copy.) Certificates of Naturalization can also be accepted in place of a birth record.

ü  Copy of judgment of divorce or death certificate if previously married

ü  Authorization for a minor to marry, if applicable

ü  Declaration of intent for covenant marriage, if applicable


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